What We Will Do

Polyamory and its Myths

This workshop is for those new to open relationships and polyamory and those interested in exploring it in their own lives. Will also look at how to use communication effectively in addressing sexual needs.

The Couples Massage

This workshop will explore senate focus activities singularly and partnered as well as how to do effective and clinical massaging to self and others

Edge Play and Bedroom Fun

This workshop will explore edgeplay for both couples, and solo. While learning, harnessing and expanding their pleasure threshold

Vaginal Wellness

This workshop will look at holistic ways to treat and love your womb. How partners can understand what makes it thrive and what dries it up mentally, emotionally, and medically.


Fantasy Desire & Acceptance

This will be broken up into two groups that will explore language, kink, desire, and fantasy and how language plays a vital role in sexual fulfillment. Discussions around safety and communication to help meet personal, erotic, and sexual needs alone and partnered. 

Saturday June 4, 2022 

9:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.

905 175th, Homewood, IL 60430

Early Bird Cost - Ends May 5, 2022: $150

Regular Registration: $200