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I try and create balance in my own spirit and have pain with joy or sadness with gratitude. And if you know me then before I can get to joy after the pain I must have ice cream. And also if you know me then you know I'm always thinking about sex as well. And my silly self wondered if sex and ice cream were correlated. You won’t believe what I found out. I went to my BFF google and found a few things. We can’t say any of this is true but hell it's worth talking and laughing about.

First, there is classic vanilla ice cream. Although people may accuse you of being boring for choosing a fairly unexciting flavor, the research actually shows that those of us who like vanilla ice cream are impulsive, and open to suggestions from our friends for exciting, spur-of-the-moment trips or days out. Sexually, it says that you know what you like, and you stick with it. You know what works well for both of you and your sex life has a routine.

A chocolate lover is said to have a personality that is dramatic and lively (maybe it’s all the sugar). They are also very good at talking to the opposite sex, as they are naturally charming, flirtatious, seductive – so it’s very easy to fall for someone who loves chocolate! Sexually, you are intimate and sexy, you’re the perfect kind of adventurous and you don’t mind speaking when you know what you like.

Not my cup of tea, but there are those who love strawberry ice cream flavor. It says that related to the personality they make the best long-term partners! They are also likely to have the strongest marriages as they are very tolerant and devoted people.

Sexually, they are more shy and submissive than likely taking control, for having your partner take the reins is more your flavor. You’re innocent and comfortable with being told what to do.

Like the people who would choose strawberry ice cream, anyone who picks a Praline flavored treat will also make a great life partner. They are endlessly loving and supportive, so will be by your side whenever you need them!

Who can pass up Cookie Dough…well I can but that’s not the point lol… This is a favorite for many. It suggests great things about our personality, as fans of the quirky flavor can be ambitious, with great imagination and potential for a bright future. Cookie Dough lovers can also be highly competitive – so don’t try and beat them to the final bite! Sexually, you always have fun in bed, you laugh, giggle, tease, and are silly together. You know how to always have a good time. You definitely give each other a high five after climaxing.

I also read that people who prefer Rainbow Sherbet are more pessimistic than you would think, in spite of the flavor’s bright taste profile.” Guess tasting the rainbow isn’t always a good thing! For those that like a mint chocolate chip that you sexually, are a giver and a taker in bed you complement each other and know what each other needs and wants are. You never disappoint.

If Peanut Butter is your thing, sexually, there is a bit of bite to your bedroom activities. Nibbling every inch of your partner's body is a regular occurrence because you know it excites them and vice versa. And finally if you like Butter Pecan It’s all about comfort and cuddling after sex for you. You tend to steer clear of getting wild, but nothing beats that cuddle session at the end.

So sadly I found nothing about my favorite. My favorite is actually Chocolate Hazelnut Gelato. I will settle for a chocolate chip from Baskin Robbins with a regular cone. However, I try to keep my fav on deck as much as possible. Over time I guess my blogs will show you guys my true personality. And sexually, well listen to my podcasts and you might figure that out as well!

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