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When it comes to This is the season where depression tends to show its ugly self. Family losses, financial strain, COVID fears, work stress, it’s darker outside earlier, and many other day to day obstacles can make depression commonplace around this time.

Then I got to thinking about alcohol. Hear me out...

When I go out, I sometimes order a drink. I'm lying. I always order a cocktail. It’s always top shelf. I don't care what is happening. Good day, bad day. Lots of money, no money. Just got dumped, quit my job. The drink that I’m choosing is going to be one of the finest options on the shelf. Why? Because I deserve it!


If I’m out, the least I can do is have a good drink. So I thought further. Do we treat ourselves and our way of living like luxury items? Is it coveted and handled with care like we would for a pair of Red Bottoms?

When I go to a concert, I want the best seats. When I go to a restaurant, I want the best service. Do we treat our lives in the same fashion?

When my order isn't right, I give it back! Because it’s not what I asked for, and it’s not what I wanted.

We need to send back all the things that don't appreciate us, bring us joy, or celebrate us. We also need to accept that shit can be tough. I think we need to give back depression and become similar to something found on the top shelf. We need to walk around like we are the most exquisite, rare, delicious tasting bottle of the finest champagne.

Some days, it's like you close one door and a different door of shit is opened for you. But when you feel like you're top-shelf, when you feel like you are high-end, you move differently. You approach things differently. You still smile. And that is a step in giving back depression.

Be top shelf today. Be purple label, feel like the first bite of your favorite dish. Things won't bother you the same when you are untouchable. When you allow yourself to be the cream of the crop. SMILE. Hold that space and allow more things to fall off that don’t belong in your life.

Those who can't afford the top shelf don't always know its value.

Wishing you peace and laughter this holiday season. We at Minds Empowered are always a call away if you need reminders of your premium quality.

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