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Me In A Nutshell

I love everything spirituality, sex, and relationships


I believe the core of our humanity is our connection with one another and our ability to create a life filled with our passions, interests, and desires.  We all have the right to live a life with fun, joy, dignity, and healthy relationships.  I receive great pleasure in helping people breakdown barriers that prevent them from connecting with healthy relationships, internal desires, and the best version of themselves.

I have always been that go to friend that people can share desire and thoughts with. To seek ideas on "if it's normal" and what I truly hears was them asking should they have shame. My empathic attunement, non-judgmental spirit, mixed with a healthy dose of laughter and intuition has allowed me to help many. I have always had the ability to help people find the space to feel safe, heard, and be honest with themselves and others.  I love working to find our personal boundaries and seeing could they be pushed a little, of course to our most healthy version of ourselves. I am often described as passionate, bold, and encouraging.

Call Me Kres

Dr. Kreszentia Snyder serves a broad spectrum of clients with experience in diverse populations. She recognizes that all humans are social and relational beings, and always in pursuit of the best version of themselves. She specializes in individuals and couples with a focus on sex therapy, alternative lifestyles, & kink, and BDSM. She works holistically in creating healthy relationship patterns and behaviors.