Ashanti Dickerson

Ashanti Dickerson always had a strong curiosity about the functioning and movement of the human body. She decided to explore this interest at San Diego State University and majored in Kinesiology while minoring as a Fitness Specialist. In school, I began to expand on how both internal and external elements can affect the mental and physical states of a person but more specifically how they relate to injury prevention. She went on to study Clinical Massage Therapy. She loved the idea of using manual modality skills to help individuals reach their long-term wellness goals while also making positive and personal connections. Becoming a Clinical Massage Therapist has been both a rewarding career. Ashanti has come to realize through her hands-on experience that pain is the last symptom our body sends that something is wrong...not the first and it is her job as your therapist to address it. Therefore, Ashanti emphasizes to all her clients that no matter your age, chronic condition, athleticism, or lifestyle; she has both the ability and knowledge to creatively change the way you view your bodies and the ability to adapt and progress Clinically.